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so damn lucky

so damn lucky

You know that feeling you get when you just stop and realize, “this is fucking amazing!” It kind of takes your breath away, and you aren’t sure if your heart is going to break or burst out of your chest with joy.

Maybe right now you get that feeling when you’re standing with your toes in the sand, looking out at the ocean, or looking down from the summit of a mountain you just conquered. Big events. Once in a lifetime experiences.

What if you could have that feeling every day – when you’re grocery shopping or getting the oil changed or scrubbing jelly off of the counter?

Perhaps all it takes is a sliver of gratitude – a tiny nod to the universe that you know there are people going through atrocities you can’t even imagine, and here you are, sipping on your four dollar kombucha and complaining about the lines at Trader Joe’s.

Because really, how amazing is it that we can just plop our able bodies into the driver’s seat of a car that we know will start, drive ourselves to the store without fearing for our safety, and drop some cash on little luxuries we certainly don’t need to survive. Forget, for a moment, the fact that we have safe drinking water every time we turn a knob – we can have Nutella whenever the craving strikes!

How fucking lucky are we?!

A little conscious acknowledgement of that fact – some gratitude every day – goes a long way toward making us as happy as we are fortunate.

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