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a gratitude mindset

a gratitude mindset

I’ve been pretty fearful about my financial situation the past few weeks.

I’m on my own now, with an erratic income and a nominal amount in child support each month.

I listed a few things on craigslist, hoping to build up a little cash reserve.

A woman responded to the ad for my old mountain bike. She wanted to see it, but said it might be a while, as she was walking.

It was hot – about 90 degrees outside.

When I realized she was four miles away, I offered to drive the bike to her. We met up and got to talking.

She just moved to the area to escape the rising rents in a larger city, and was staying at her sister’s place.

No job.

No car.

The bike wasn’t intended for recreation, but as her primary mode of transportation.

I’ve been coming from a place of scarcity recently.

This woman had the guts to make a major move with few safety nets in place. The tenacity to walk across town in 90 degree weather to get what she needs.  The faith that it would work out.

I gave her the bike. She gave me a much needed reminder to stay in a mindset of gratitude and abundance.


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